Bodybuilder, Not Powerlifter

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Don’t Train Like a Powerlifter and Expect to Look Like a Bodybuilder



Powerlifters train for strength, Bodybuilders train for aesthetics. Our training at Broadway Gym is designed to make you look good. We are unashamed about that.

We certainly wouldn’t denigrate what power lifters do, but that type of training won’t give you a beach body. The type of training we do get you ready to feel good about yourself at the beach- sounds superficial perhaps, but it ties in with self esteem. With depression being rife in today’s society looking after your physical health can help with your mental health.

We all know about exercise stimulating the release of serotonin, (the happy hormone), but it can also be as simple as when you look good and feel good about yourself-life is just better. Confidence increases, work performance increases, your social life improves and life in general is just better. Being strong is healthy, but looking good will change your life.





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