The History of Crossfit

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Although it is the latest fad, Crossfit can be traced right back to Ancient Greece.
When you analyse it, all Crossfit really is, is a series of exercises performed in succession with no breaks. It utilises different muscle groups and draws on different energy systems in much the same way as the circuit classes of the 1970s.

These circuit classes were born from the Colarado Experiment performed by Arthur Jones whose theory was that most people over train and it was possible to get spectacular results by doing infrequent but intense workouts- thirty minutes, three times per week.

Those sort of workouts were the opposite to the sort of workouts that Arnold Schwagenegger and other bodybuilders were doing at the time. They were training for several hours at a time These sort of workouts later became known as H.I.T (High Intensity Training workouts).

Arthur Jones had been inspired by Peary Radar, the original founder of Ironman Magazine who believed the best results were gained by doing the maximum amount of work in the least amount of time.

None of these would have happened without the Decathlon – ten different exercises or the original Pentathlon-five different exercises all requiring different skill-sets, muscle groups and energy systems.

Functional training, should be the essence of any type of training. Most people these days claiming to teach functional training have got it wrong. At Broadway Gym we will soon be introducing Cross Fit classes. We have worked with an exercise physiologist to ensure they are safe, challenging and give you the best possible training,- working every muscle in the body, keeping balance and keeping functional.



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