Weight Training and Ageing

The type of training we do at Broadway Gym is training that serves the top 1% of elite athletes. This type of training is going to be of the greatest benefit to the ageing population.
John became interested in this when observing his parents and their friends, most of whom are in their eighties. He started working with these people to help improve their quality of life which had deteriorated as a result of weaknesses. Both muscle strength and mass can be decreased by as much as 50% between the ages of thirty and fifty.
Many people regard this as a normal effect of ageing. At Broadway Gym, we don’t agree with that, or regard it as normal. Both John and myself are in our mid fifties and are carrying more muscle than we did in our early twenties. We haven’t accepted that we should deteriorate with age
There are two major types of muscle in the body
1. Smooth muscle- your involuntary muscles e.g. intestinal muscles
2. Skeletal muscle- this is the type most of us think of when we think of muscles
Skeletal muscle’s fast twitch fibres- the ones associated with short, explosive movements are the ones which decline most with age. This leads to a loss of strength and a loss of balance which makes catching oneself when falling incredibly difficult. Once a fall causes a hip fracture or some other serious injury, mobility is gone.
Skeletal muscle loss occurs with age in all mammals and probably results in a cumulative failure to repair damage caused by normal use.
Age related changes in skeletal muscle resemble the functional and physical changes that occur with muscular dystrophy, (at a slower rate, of course).
The custom-made and scratched equipment we have here at Broadway Gym is designed to work muscles through their full range of motion in the same way as exercises shown to you by a rehab practitioner. The equipment makes you work- unlike some modern equipment which does the work for you.
All this will go a long way to giving you fitness levels of a much younger person. This type of training raises the levels of IGF1,(insulin-like growth factor 1), in the body which has important anabolic effect in adults.





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