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The basic bodybuilding exercises act as precursors of hormones.
The metabolic momentum caused by these exercises and techniques e.g the partial reps and drop sets body builders use to keep a set going beyond momentary muscle failure, forces the body to work, induce muscular microtrauma, and produce hormones to support the system of exercises, recovery, and growth.

The blood flow, which Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron likened to having sex, (in bodybuilding terms it’s called the pump), is really just bringing the blood into the extremities of the body.

It also produces the flow on effect of a cascade of hormones which begin from the hypothalamus  then go to the various glands of the body to create the hormonal effects- one of the most significant being endorphins the ‘happy hormones’. These are released in the gut, which when followed with a traditional body building diet, (which is really good for gut health as it contains many phytonutrients), has some truly incredible benefits.

Gut health controls many diseases which formerly were thought to occur from other sources. Latest research shows that gut health can be a factor in controlling emphysema. So train regularly and eat clean. It will give you a good shot at longevity with an excellent quality of life.




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