Weight Training, Osteoporosis, & Menopause

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If you think that here at Broadway Gym we believe that weight training is the best form of exercise, you’d be right.

Osteoporosis is a condition often associated with aging to which women are particularly prone. In simple terms it is a decrease in bone mass and density. This loss of bone density increases the risk of fractures after a simple fall. This is where the old “use it or lose it” adage comes in. The amount of bone building is relative to the amount of overload on the bone. In short, the bones become thicker and heavier in response to regular and continual weight bearing activity.


Sarcopenia (degenerative loss of muscle strength and size), can occur with age unless preventative measures are taken- again use it or lose it. Decreased muscle mass will lead to a slow down of the metabolic rate and the result will be an increase in body fat. Women are notorious for gaining weight post menopause and a simple remedy is to just not let the muscle mass decrease.

Losing muscle mass can also mean that you will not be capable of using your survival skills to prevent a fall. You fall, break a hip and there goes the mobility and independence.

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