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The last time I remember talking to a woman about weight training, was my lymphatic draining specialist who was in her 70s. She was well aware of the benefits of resistance and weight training for the elderly. She got straight to the point as she got deeper into her therapy, and asked if I could recommend a book on basic weight training for women. She told me that the training she was receiving at a local gym from a young personal trainer was not what she was after and not of any benefit and she did feel any of the effects she should.

(Pictured below is 2 x Ms. Olympia Rachel McLish. Living proof that weight training for women preserves youthfulness and health!)

rachel mclish1

This is often the case in gyms where trainers use generic programs that they learned in  PT school. I assured Rosemary that at Broadway Gym we could help her as what she was after was such a simple request. She was an extremely busy woman who also worked at a college and was putting together a university course. What she needed was so simple and basic that I was able to show her one exercise for every muscle group of the body. I assured her that all she needed was one session with me at Broadway Gym and the task was completed.

Women are sometimes confused as to the level of exercise they should do and spend endless hours doing ineffective routines – time which could be better spent. Most women could benefit from the simple program I showed Rosemary. Basic weight training and a good nutrition program- we’ll go into more details on another post.

A woman who may be overweight with joint, back and hip problems, depression from fluctuating hormones can simply be reverse all this and maintain good health and well being from three weekly sessions of basic weight training exercises. Many women feel the they have to get in shape before they go to the gym and they don’t seem to realise that is the whole reason for going. They also seem to mistakenly believe that they need to lose weight before they can begin resistance training when, in fact its resistance training that will speed up the metabolic rate faster than hours of cardio.

In Rosemary’s case she took to it like a duck to water because of her background and she benefited more than a woman half her age because of her mindset.

For women who are not so sure of themselves we a group fitness Hard Body Class which will be launched in September. It systematically works every muscle in the body in a structure routine and you will know exactly what you’re getting every time you go to the class. We also have a pin loaded circuit located on the upper level of Broadway Gym next to the female’ dressing room that we call the Easy Start Area. It’s perfect for beginners and busy people.






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