Anti-Ageing Effects of Weight Training

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No need for cosmetic surgery

As you lose body fat and increase lean tissue your skin will start to tighten around your face, neck, stomach, buttocks and thighs. People pay surgeons a fortune for this effect.

Certain types of workouts promote the production of growth hormone, (the body’s anti ageing hormone), which increases the production of collagen. At Broadway Gym we specialise in workouts to help you achieve these goals. John Terilli has been experimenting for decades to find the optimum balance with training and recuperation.

The increase of blood flow around the system helps detoxify leaving your skin clearer, cleaner and fresher.

Your sleep is of a better quality and you wake feeling refreshed- there’s a distinct absence of bags under the eyes. You release growth hormone when you sleep, tissue is repaired and new tissue sythesised.



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