Body Renovator – Most diets doomed to fail!

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Most diets are doomed to fail!


Some diets do points, some do calories that you have to count yourself.

The Body Renovator system, (designed by John Terilli), is unique. We’ve already worked out the calories, fats and carbohydrate balance and this ratio changes every month. It’s worked out according to your weight. This means that, for example, a husband and wife can use the same nutrition plan and simply have different portion sizes


Every 3 days you get food you’re not allowed to have on diets normally so there is less chance of bingeing. You get pizza, ice cream and beer and still lose weight.

John is an expert at this as he spent a year in an obesity clinic in the U.S. working with doctors where they conducted experiments using double blind trials on the effects of nutrition and exercise on fat loss.

There is also a maintenance system for when you have achieved your ideal weight. This is where other weight loss systems fail- no maintenance plans. They promote the idea of ‘a diet’ to just lose the weight. People are left floundering and usually resume the eating habits that led them there in the first place.

The body Renovator system’s maintenance plan teaches you how to eat the foods that made you fat originally and not gain weight. This eliminates bingeing.


To find out more, check out: BodyRenovator Website (you’ll even find free samples!)



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