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The Art of Bodybuilding

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There’s a lot written, and rightly so, about the science of bodybuilding. Anyone who thinks they can just go into a gym and swing the heaviest weight around they can find and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger is kidding themselves.

Understanding muscle contraction, the endocrine system and a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology are the basics for anyone who is serious about bodybuilding.

But that’s not what we want to talk about tonight.. We want to put aside science tonight. Yes, we understand that proportions in certain ratios are pleasing, that’s obvious. Remember though, the judges at a competitions don’t have tape measures or callipers. They use the two most important tools they have-their eyes and their aesthetic sense.

Always remember, bodybuilding is an art form. Its moulding and sculpting the body to create something that is truly beautiful. It’s knowing where to bring the delts out to and how big the calves need to be to give that perfect proportion. Think about detail in the back- the mark of a great bodybuilder; getting the infraspinatus to pop out to give the back distinction, not just size. A swimmer has a big back; a bodybuilder has a beautiful back.

Any idiot can train the bits they see in the mirror, but a bodybuilder knows how to create that perfect balance. A bodybuilder also knows which parts not to train, (or at least overdevelop). In short, it comes down to a question of good taste and an innate understanding of beauty.

Atmosphere in Gyms

150 150 Praveen

The gym is many things to many people. At the moment people are in Broadway Gym prepping for the next round of competitions and the atmosphere is electric. These people are all being supported by each other and their trainers.


Many of the other members have said that, rather than being intimidated, they find it really inspiring; the athletes are over the moon about the level of support they feel they are getting, not just from the staff and trainers, but from the other members.

Atmosphere in gyms is not new dressing rooms with monsoon showers, I suppose that’s nice if you don’t have a bathroom at home.

Look at Rocky 4- if you know the film, (and we do know it’s not a true story). In the film he was training in a really plush gym, it didn’t help him- he got beaten. Art can often imitate life.