Salt – the much maligned mineral

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Your body works on a sodium-potassium exchange; It is estimated that you need a minimum of 500mg per day. The problem is the processed salt added to processed foods. So if your diet is clean and free of processed rubbish, adding salt can be a necessity.

Salt and fat will bloat you, but simple sea salt added to food can, in fact, prevent a heart attack. If your sodium intake is too low, your sodium potassium balance will be wrong and this can lead to heart failure.

Ever wondered why eggs or oatmeal taste so bad without salt- They’re both really high in potassium. Your taste buds are trying to tell you something.

Caffeine: The Bodybuilder’s Best Friend

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Caffeine has been demonised over the last few years and wrongfully so.


It’s classed as a psychoactive drug and blocks the effects of adenosine which sends signals to your brain that you’re tired. This is why it makes you more alert. That mental clarity and focus is important when you train to enable you to get the most out of your workouts.

Studies by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln had subjects not only increasing their one rep max, but were also able to do more reps on 80% of their 1RM  if they had had a caffeinated drink one hour prior to training.

Caffeine also forces the body’s fat deposits to release into the bloodstream to be utilised for energy. It also raises the basal metabolic rate which in turn burns more body fat.

It also widens the airways in the lungs- and an increased oxygen uptake is important in any exercise regime. This goes hand in hand with the increased nitric oxide production which dilates the blood vessels promoting increased blood flow to the working muscles.

Caffeine can also boost glycogen storage and an Australian study showed that subjects who consumed caffeine with post workout carbs had a 70% in muscle glycogen levels  that those who just consumed carbs.

No, we don’t have a coffee shop here at Broadway Gym, we just like coffee.

Yoga and Bodybuilding

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This could sound contradictory, but the two are not mutually exclusive.

Yoga has so many benefits for the average bodybuilder, it’s unbelievable.

  • Firstly stretching the fascia promotes muscle growth.
  • Stretching the muscle fibres help contraction.
  • Increased mobility allow you to work the muscles through a greater range of motion.
  • Realigning the body is essential for symmetry and posture.
  • Strengthening the core without overdeveloping the obliques will give you rock hard abs and help prevent back injuries.
  • The relaxation techniques lower your cortisol levels and promote the release of serotonin.
  • Low cortisol level are also associated with the production of female and male hormones –testosterone

At Broadway Gym we have the privilege of having Dr. Richard Allen who is a first class and renown yoga instructor. He has been associated with us for many years and is a valued member of our team.

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Reverse Ageing Process with Weight Training

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Conversations with John Terilli

Everything Is About Timing
People often worry about the loose skin that can accompany dieting and this can be a very real issue. Knowing when to let your fat loss plateau and holding it so the skin can catch up is an important part of the fat loss process which needs to be timed to a tee.

There is the point where you need to start increasing the calories to speed up the metabolic rate and fill out the muscles before they catabolise. This is an exact science and needs to be taken into consideration- without doing this you will just look haggard and old.

This is something that the rest of the fat loss industry ignores- hence that look of curtain drapes around the knees and buttocks on people who have dropped weight without shrinking their skin on the way.

That Inner Glow
The inner glow that seems to radiate from healthy people is really just a by product of good gut health and a minimum of toxins in the system. We’ve already discussed the importance of gut health but haven’t really talked about toxins.

Working out with weights
1. Makes you sweat – brilliant for excreting waste material
2. Increases circulation, important for transporting waste products to be filtered out and excreted. This includes blood which transports oxygen and lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system is the body’s natural sewerage system. No toxins = no bags under the eyes; that’s just one benefit!

In short, a clean system is reflected in your skin, your hair, your eyes and of course, your demeanour. The quality of your sleep is better, meaning you wake refreshed with an agile mind as well as an agile body.

Weight Training & Hormones

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Conversations with John Terilli


The basic bodybuilding exercises act as precursors of hormones.
The metabolic momentum caused by these exercises and techniques e.g the partial reps and drop sets body builders use to keep a set going beyond momentary muscle failure, forces the body to work, induce muscular microtrauma, and produce hormones to support the system of exercises, recovery, and growth.

The blood flow, which Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron likened to having sex, (in bodybuilding terms it’s called the pump), is really just bringing the blood into the extremities of the body.

It also produces the flow on effect of a cascade of hormones which begin from the hypothalamus  then go to the various glands of the body to create the hormonal effects- one of the most significant being endorphins the ‘happy hormones’. These are released in the gut, which when followed with a traditional body building diet, (which is really good for gut health as it contains many phytonutrients), has some truly incredible benefits.

Gut health controls many diseases which formerly were thought to occur from other sources. Latest research shows that gut health can be a factor in controlling emphysema. So train regularly and eat clean. It will give you a good shot at longevity with an excellent quality of life.


Weight Training, Osteoporosis, & Menopause

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If you think that here at Broadway Gym we believe that weight training is the best form of exercise, you’d be right.

Osteoporosis is a condition often associated with aging to which women are particularly prone. In simple terms it is a decrease in bone mass and density. This loss of bone density increases the risk of fractures after a simple fall. This is where the old “use it or lose it” adage comes in. The amount of bone building is relative to the amount of overload on the bone. In short, the bones become thicker and heavier in response to regular and continual weight bearing activity.


Sarcopenia (degenerative loss of muscle strength and size), can occur with age unless preventative measures are taken- again use it or lose it. Decreased muscle mass will lead to a slow down of the metabolic rate and the result will be an increase in body fat. Women are notorious for gaining weight post menopause and a simple remedy is to just not let the muscle mass decrease.

Losing muscle mass can also mean that you will not be capable of using your survival skills to prevent a fall. You fall, break a hip and there goes the mobility and independence.

Group of older mature people lifting weights in the gym