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Weight Training & Hormones

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Conversations with John Terilli


The basic bodybuilding exercises act as precursors of hormones.
The metabolic momentum caused by these exercises and techniques e.g the partial reps and drop sets body builders use to keep a set going beyond momentary muscle failure, forces the body to work, induce muscular microtrauma, and produce hormones to support the system of exercises, recovery, and growth.

The blood flow, which Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron likened to having sex, (in bodybuilding terms it’s called the pump), is really just bringing the blood into the extremities of the body.

It also produces the flow on effect of a cascade of hormones which begin from the hypothalamus  then go to the various glands of the body to create the hormonal effects- one of the most significant being endorphins the ‘happy hormones’. These are released in the gut, which when followed with a traditional body building diet, (which is really good for gut health as it contains many phytonutrients), has some truly incredible benefits.

Gut health controls many diseases which formerly were thought to occur from other sources. Latest research shows that gut health can be a factor in controlling emphysema. So train regularly and eat clean. It will give you a good shot at longevity with an excellent quality of life.


Women are being Patronised and Lied to by Gyms

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Conversations with John Terilli


“Toning is a myth! There is no such thing – it’s a meaningless term that gym owners came up with to sell memberships to women who were too frightened to go near a weight in case it made them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”
John was passionate when he was saying this to me; and although I laughed at the time, I thought about it a bit later and realised it was not an exaggeration.

What is ‘toning’ It’s merely working the muscle to give it shape and size and losing enough body fat to see the definition. Sounds like the same thing your average body builder is out to achieve.

There’s this whole mystery surrounding ‘toning’ as though it’s something separate, secret and completely different to anything else that takes place in a gym. It reinforces a stereotype- you’ll look like a front row forward if you so much as look at a dumb bell darling! So be very careful and only do women’s things and don’t go in a weights room or take a protein supplement – it will only make you unfeminine.


The women who do bulk up put so much effort into it, it is unbelievable. It’s occupies their every waking moment and they are women who are driven and compelled, and also genetically predisposed to look like that. They are the exception rather than the rule and they are the ones the media sensationalise because it makes good television.

Training with weights and using bodybuilding techniques is the best thing for most women. You’ll lose fat, get shapely legs and arms, a flat stomach and a beautiful butt. You’ll feel good about yourself at the beach and anywhere else for that matter.

Broadway Gym is fast becoming a Mecca for enlightened women. Most times of the day you can go to the free weights room and see fifty percent of the patrons are female.


Bodybuilder, Not Powerlifter

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Don’t Train Like a Powerlifter and Expect to Look Like a Bodybuilder



Powerlifters train for strength, Bodybuilders train for aesthetics. Our training at Broadway Gym is designed to make you look good. We are unashamed about that.

We certainly wouldn’t denigrate what power lifters do, but that type of training won’t give you a beach body. The type of training we do get you ready to feel good about yourself at the beach- sounds superficial perhaps, but it ties in with self esteem. With depression being rife in today’s society looking after your physical health can help with your mental health.

We all know about exercise stimulating the release of serotonin, (the happy hormone), but it can also be as simple as when you look good and feel good about yourself-life is just better. Confidence increases, work performance increases, your social life improves and life in general is just better. Being strong is healthy, but looking good will change your life.