Rebecca Gosling
rebecca-2 We are a mixed bunch at Broadway. Never shy of inspiration, Broadway is full of achievers on a multitude of levels. Trainers go above and beyond counting reps, feeling all the ups and downs every step of the way with you; Beef-cakes (who may look scary but are actually big softies) give you goose bumps as they teach that iron a lesson; or new-comers shedding pounds who inspire me the most with sheer determination, sweat and tears dripping from their faces. Day in, day out, there is always a familiar face to share their unique journey with you. To illustrate the passion and support that permeates throughout Broadway; it was actually a member of the gym that so generously devoted countless hours of his own training time for no monetary gain to show me just how much one can push the body.
Now, working with John Terilli, I continue to love training at Broadway because, strange as it sounds bodybuilding has become my creative playground. That’s the difference between Broadway and other gyms; no other can hold that space for you as you progress through your goals. I begrudgingly share a before (2010, standing in front of my very first fitness dream board) and after (at the 2014 IFBB Australasian Nationals) shot to show the results which can and have been achieved at Broadway. Proof is in the puddin’ I once had… I will be forever grateful for the life lessons taught and friendships forged at Broadway Gym.
Wensley Carter - National Head Coach, School Gymnastics
Joining Broadway Gym since I’ve moved to Sydney has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Immediately, the huge variety of equipment and large space excited me join, but the professional, friendly and enthusiastic team have motivated me stay for as long as I’m in Sydney. Thank you for being so inviting to my coaches and athletes for our workout sessions.
The large space and equipment enables us to train at our peak for gymnastics, athletics, yoga and weight training. I’ve trained at corporate gyms and various Institutes of Sports, and can say with confidence, Broadway Gym is one of the best fitness institutions in Australia.
I look forward to my workouts at Broadway Gym each day. The staff are brilliant, the people in the gym are friendly and the equipment on the two levels of the gym are excellently maintained. It’s not like every other gym where you are just another member… At Broadway gym you are a friend to the staff, and a respected member of the gym to the others that go there. I have never trained at a friendlier, or better equipped gym as Broadway Gym… It’s the best!
Miranda Rooney
I’ve been a regular member of Broadway Gym for over 10 years. It’s got heart, soul, character and it feels like a home away from home. John Terilli and his team of expert staff and trainers (particularly my personal trainer Joe Kavanagh) have really helped to motivate me and transform my body. I will compete in my first body building competition this year thanks to them – a goal I never would have dreamed possible! I joined as a fat chick and now i’m a sexy athlete (still in progress), thanks to Broadway Gym!
Olivier Navarro
My Broadway Gym opens 7 days a week, from 5 in the morning till 11 at night… These hours are perfect, because I never use “the gym is closing soon” excuse for not working out. The facility is great – with a variety of classes, super qualified instructors, two weight rooms and plenty of machines – all spread across 3 different levels.
It’s no gimmick, just very efficient equipment which has been designed to work. I love that it’s right down from Central train station. I’ve trialled a few franchise gyms, but if you’re looking to get good value then check out Broadway Gym. I did 6 years ago, and I still love it.
A few months ago I started to look for an affordable gym that was close to uni so I could get off campus to workout – I called Broadway Gym and basically looked no further. You know the minute you walk into this gym that it’s hardcore and that you will get results. The trainers are nothing like I have experienced before – very professional, knowledgeable and encouraging.
I followed the workout program and dietary advice that was prepared for me and two months later I have experienced a huge increase in my strength and muscle mass, and also better posture. The gym is very well equipped, and as a full time student the cost of the gym is right within my range. It’s only a five minute walk from uni which is even better.
Carlos Astorga
First off I’d like to thank Felicity for helping me with my membership, it’s genuinely the first time a gym has made me feel like a person rather than a number on its book. The staff at Broadway are by far some of the best I’ve dealt with at a gym – not only are the knowledgeable but they care about their clients and members which makes training there all the more worthwhile.

Broadway Gym has that old school feel with a modern twist – and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made in cancelling my “other” gym membership. Thank you so much for your help and I can’t wait to smash results at Broadway

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