Broadway Gym strives to provide a welcoming social and community environment for its members. We are all about knowledgeable staff, friendly service and getting our members their desired results. We are proud of our members and a tour of the gym will reveal that our members’ fitness levels are higher than your average gym. That is because we provide the best service and we have the best personal trainers on offer.

Broadway Gym has complete gym memberships and personal training support available.

Our services include:

  • Specialised cardio and weights training equipment
  • Quality Group Exercise Classes daily
  • Diet and Nutritional support to help you achieve your goals
  • Expert Personal Trainers

Broadway Gym has a wide range of equipment and facilities available to all our members and casual visitors. We are the only health and fitness facility of its kind in New South Wales to offer the Body Audit Monitor. This allows us to scientifically and accurately track your progress with us. For people who are just starting out, or new to going to the gym, we offer a beginners training area.

We also have a large array of cardiovascular machines as well as custom designed, and built, pin loaded machines available nowhere else in the world! Using the original Colorado experiment as a template we have devised our well known “29 Minute Workout” circuit. This circuit is guaranteed to get results when used in conjunction with our eating programs created by John Terilli (professional Mr. Universe 1994).

Our free weights room is famous as being the best equipped in Sydney and has everything you would need if you are a complete novice or any level up to a seasoned professional athlete. Both male and female changing areas have showers available to all members.

Our Expert Trainers can design you a guaranteed results programs and help you work on the following fitness areas:

  • Mass Gain
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Extreme Strength – Body Building
  • Extreme Fitness – Cross Training

Weight loss

  • Toning
  • Endurance
  • Rehabilitation